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How to Create Content Like This

Daniel Krawisz, Chief Scientist at MatterPool, Inc.
Yes, you too can share important thoughts on BoostPOW.com with this simple guide!
  1. Write a document in MarkDown format.
  2. Save with an .md extension.
  3. Upload to BitcoinFiles.org.

You can link to other documents on-chain using the B format. For example, here's a link to the Bitcoin whitepaper on-chain. The link is b://08e834c9242ebe305dcfcf1de0d2d64518f5ae75da640347c98ee9647ffa6461.
You can include images on-chain with b-links.
She's not fooled!
  1. Copy txid of the uploaded file.
  2. Boost it at BoostPOW.com

Remember, the way to win this game is to be honest and choose your correct rank! Don't boost something higher than it deserves or else you will lose energy faster than someone who is correctly valuing content. The only way that you regain energy on boostpow.com is karma. You must give good karma in order to get it back. If you boost something that teaches people something important, then you will make society better and that will be a better place for you to live in.
We do not know objectively what content is most valuable. It is your job not to lose too much energy. The only way to ensure that you gain from using BoostPOW.com is to be certain of creating good Karma. You must reject all evil in your own heart. If you boost your idea higher than it deserves, people will see that it is not as good as similarly-ranked ideas and they will not be fooled by it due to the competition. All that will happen is that you will lose energy to no avail.
Now you are ready. Good luck creating Karma! Help us teach each other how to survive in this harsh world.